Power Shifters offers world class developmental coaching that will empower you to shift your life, your practice, and your passion.

What is Power Shifters?


POWER SHIFTERS is based on the premise that the most important determinant of our success, of how we function in the present, of who we are, is not the past but the future.

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When we are able to stand in the future, WE SHIFT and the possibilities for every aspect of our lives and practice multiply exponentially.

Power Shifters is a company that is geared toward personal professional and lifelong growth. It is rooted in the fundamentals of wealth and business abundance through experiential break through.

Almost everything we know argues that living powerfully is accomplished by skillfully building on the past. We learn grow and expand building on experience, education, up bringing, success’ and failures.

The idea of building on the foundation of the past is fundamental but there is no POWER in it! First we must SHIFT!


The POWER SHIFTER INTENSIVE is both powerful and challenging. IT includes one-on-one coaching, audio/visual demonstrations, individual work in front of the room, and hands-on practice in the use of experiential demonstrations.

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We will be delivering a program like the Navy delivers the BUDs PROGRAM. Our goal is to create POWER SHIFTERS that actually change the way they think act and feel about there chosen field.

They will change their environment that will actually change them. We are creating SHIFT in vision for peoples life that is solidly anchored in reality. A vision people can communicate and in which others can become engaged.

Doctors will acquire the know-how to shift their vision into practical, effective action that will make that vision real. They will SHIFT outside familiar ways of approaching a situation and habitual ways of thinking that create whole new perspectives and approaches that lead to new ways of being and acting with certainty.

Develop a facility for recognizing and overcoming weak spots. With this clarity comes a new power and velocity in producing specific, measurable results. They will deal with day to day issues and upsets and be able to address them consistently, powerfully and effectively.


Designed to create 300 POWERSHIFTERS that will be able to create a cultural shift that actually empowers doctors and others to have impact with momentum lifting this great profession with integrity and honor.

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Creating POWER SHIFTERs with the tools for designing that future. This new future has a surprising impact on the quality of life in the present. It does not merely change the actions or give a set of new choices—IT SHIFTS!

When the POWER has SHIFTED it reveals the true power- a power derived from what is possible, not from what is predictable. This SHIFT alters the very way we practice and live. We now have people that POWERFULLY and CONSCIOUSLY move and make an impact in others FOREVER.

This creates financial abundance to further dreams while I have served and have left a legacy in my profession and my family attitude.

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  • I had such an incredible time at the Health Development class. I have always struggled with taking care of my health but since Power Shifters, I am healthier than ever! The Power Shifters team presented me with cutting edge knowledge that has changed my life forever! Thanks!

    Katy YeagerCrossroads WOW
  • Power Shifters is a game changer! Since I attended the Business Intensive, my business has increased by 55%! I was blown away by the professionalism of the team and by their passion and energy. It was truly inspiring. I have since mandated that all of my employees attend Power Shifters if they want to keep working for me!

    Mike YeagerStructural Engineer


POWER SHIFTER Intensives are 8 hour courses designed to equip you with the tools you need to be a true POWER SHIFTER. You will acquire the know-how to shift your vision into practical, effective action needed to make that vision a reality.

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The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

Business Development

The foundation for a successful and abundant business! Dedicated to building the CORE FOUNDATION of your business from the inside out.

In completing one weekend intensive you are able to create a SHIFT in life and practice- not a new set of options or improved odds, a dimension added to your world by your own ability to create with certainty! Experiential training to inspire clarity in your business by recognizing and overcoming fear, imbalance, incongruencies and old school business “scare care” practices. We create a clear path to living and creating your ideal business– stress free and successful — right now, every day!

Goal Setting
Conflict Resolution
Growth Strategies
Team Building

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Health Development

Would you like to create a HEALTHY IMPRESSION? Healthy Impressions was designed to help people reach, meet and exceed their goals in life. HEALTHY IMPRESSIONS consists of a series of courses, coaching and products designed to take your life up to the next level. Decrease Stress?…. Find Your Dream Job?…. Lose Weight? Pursue All Your Dreams?….. Find your Passion? It is possible… we help create HEALTHY IMPRESSIONS in LIFE!!

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Stress Management

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Life Development

Do you want to find the solid foundation to a passion filled life? This is about restoring FAITH HOPE & LOVE! What is your purpose? Passion? Are you looking to see what GOD has in store for your life? The problems of life, the storms we face, the people who attack us, take advantage of us, disappoint us and even rise against us— all threaten at some stage to take us out of the race or off track in LIFE.

Powerful speakers, experiential trainings and breakthrough coaching all designed for your spiritual growth! Leave restored, refreshed and recharged for LIFE! This is about restoring FAITH and realizing the GOD factor in our life!

God and Faith
Crisis Management
Self Improvement

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Pricing and Schedule

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